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Emy Mack Shoes - Fall 2018 Collection


Meticulously designed, masterfully constructed.


Emy Mack is taking a stand for luxury goods, combining her keen eye for color, pattern and style with century-old techniques of traditional Italian shoemaking. Her focus: designing each shoe as a work of art.


Emy is in the business of creating an excellent fit.  She and her team endure an extensive fit process, wearing and carefully adjusting sizing to perfect each style in the collection. The end result is comfort for the client.  She employs old-world production techniques and the highest quality leathers from Italian tanneries.


Emy has not only perfected her line of shoes with fine leathers and prints, but also has designed and curated a swoon-worthy selection of hand-beaded and precious stone shoe appliqués. From Swarovski crystals to precious stones, she offers customers the opportunity to customize, enhancing the woman’s ideal accessory experience. 

Emy Mack photo

“We’ve paired versatility with classic influence and the final product epitomizes go-to luxury . We help women feel stunning and powerful with shoes that are truly an investment to their wardrobe”  -EMJ

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