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Lafayette 148 NY Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

Lafayette 148 has long mined inspiration from art. For pre-fall, creative director Emily Smith looked to two of her favorite movements — Vienna Secession and the Bauhaus School — to inform the collection’s balance of graphic prints, linear lines and overall relaxed undertone.

The brand’s approach to design is buy-now-wear-now; for the pre-fall delivery window, essentially the summertime. Lightweight packing essentials that can mix and match and come wrinkle-free came top of mind. Leisurely pajama sets, a flirty red asymmetric dress and those with triangular motifs were some of the most comfy.

A focus on length generated a strong assortment of trenches and duster coats. A khaki version cut in cotton with a bit of linen had a great hand touch, while the red over a monochromatic look had intentionally bunched-up sleeves. The latter was paired over a slightly sheer “piano stripe” top inspired by the work of Josef Hoffmann. Elsewhere, leaf prints referenced the whimsical florals of Secession, appearing most polished on a green garden dress.

Versatility was the biggest appeal. A crisp striped suit could work for a business meeting but was still relaxed; paired with a little cami, it also teased seduction. There were other moments of the soft-and-heavy balance, playful print mixing, and items with multiwear capability, like a striped duster that could rope into a dress.

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