After taking a look at the current state of the tailored clothing market from a business standpoint, we wanted to see how this translated into the real world. So, on a crisp fall afternoon, we set out to Bryant Park to observe what the everyday guy was wearing. What we saw was an overwhelming amount of navy blue suits, but we did find some interesting pieces on our search.


Here we speak to 8 men about where they purchase tailored clothing, how often they do so, and why they dress up.


Age: 45
How often do you dress up? I dress up five days a week for work. I dress casually on the weekends.
Where do you typically shop for tailored clothing? I got this specific suit from Bloomingdales. I typically get most of my tailored clothing in department stores.
How often do you shop for tailored clothing? Only about once a year. I typically don’t shop a lot for dress clothes.